Wireless Coverage Products

In-building Antennas



•Multiband design to cover 2G, 3G, WLAN and LTE
•Wide range of products line offered for various applications

•Easily to be mounted to wall/ceiling/pole with standard tools

•Compact and light weight 

•High power capacity

•VSWR of 1.5 dB typical

•Customized services are offered









Part Numbers  Titles Descriptions
CR-OCA0825-3    Ceiling Antenna    Omni-directional, 800-2500MHz, 3-5dBi
CR-OCA0825P-3 Ceiling Antenna  Omni-directional, 800-2500MHz, 3-5dBi
CR-OCA0727-3 Ceiling Antenna Omni-directional, 698-2700MHz, 2-5dBi
CR-OCA0727-3A Ceiling Antenna Omni-directional, 698-2700MHz, 2-5dBi, IMD3:-140dBc
CR-DCA0825-3 Ceiling Antenna Directional, 800-2500MHz, 2-5dBi
CR-OCA0308-2 Ceiling Antenna Omni-directional, 350-470MHz/806-866MHz, 2dBi
CR-DCA0727-5 Ceiling Antenna Directional, 698-2700MHz, 5-6dBi
CR-BDCA0727-6 Ceiling Antenna Bi-directional, 698-2700MHz, 6-8.5dBi
CR-OCA0727-3VH04M Ceiling Antenna Omni-directional,MIMO, 698-2700MHz, 1.5-3dBi
CR-DPA0825-8  Panel Antenna  Directional, 800-2500MHz, 7-9dBi
CR-DPA0727-7 Panel Antenna  Directional, 698-2700MHz, 5-8dBi
CR-DPA0727-7A Panel Antenna  Directional, 698-2700MHz, 4-8dBi, IMD3:-140dBc
CR-DPA0727-VX07M Panel Antenna  Directional, MIMO, 698-2700MHz, 6.8-8dBi
CR-DPA0727-VX08M Panel Antenna  Directional, MIMO, 698-2700MHz, 7-9dBi
CR-DLP0825-8 Log-periodical Antenna Directional, 800-2500MHz, 8.5-9dBi
CR-DLP0825-9 Log-periodical Antenna Directional, 800-2500MHz, 10-11dBi
CR-DLP0727-9 Log-periodical Antenna Directional, 698-2700MHz, 8.5-9dBi
CR-DLP0727-10 Log-periodical Antenna Directional, 698-2700MHz, 10-11dBi
CR-DLP0727-10B Log-periodical Antenna Directional, 698-2700MHz, 10-11dBi, IMD3:-125dBc
CR-BDLP0825-6 Log-periodical Antenna Bi-directional, 800-2500MHz, 5.5-6.5dBi