Outdoor Repeaters


RF repeater is a bi-directional signal amplifier which receives a weak signal, amplifies and retransmits it at a stronger signal level or through the other side of an obstruction. With the usage of repeaters, weak signals can cover longer distances, providing more cost-effective cellular network optimization and expanding larger coverage areas.


Cerevo repeater products provide cost-effective cellular coverage solutions for inside buildings or outdoor applications which need high capacity or reliable coverage, such as railway stations, tunnels, shopping malls, airports, high ways, farms, school campuses and other environments where structures or natural obstructions interfere with the signals. 


A wide range of outdoor repeater products offered by Cerevo will satisfy various applications and guarantee system performance.We offer 3 types of repeaters:
Wideband Repeater, Band Selective Repeater and Channel Selective Repeater.  Each of the above models has its own application advantages, which will suit all different application situations. The output power choices are from 1 Watt, 2 Watts, 5 Watts, 10 Watts and 20Watts.







•Support Multi-Operators and Multi-Systems 

•Using super-linear PA guarantees high performance of out-of-band rejection, lower spurious  

 emission and interference

•Full-duplex design guarantees high isolation between DL and UL

•Auto protection for self-excitation resistance

•ALC function for automatic output control 

•Software for local monitor and configuration 

•Remote control and monitoring via OMT/OMC 

•IP65 Chassis – waterproof, moisture-proof and omni-sealed 

•Customized services are available




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