In-building Repeaters


The in-building repeaters are designed to improve cellular coverage within a facility. Combined with interior antennas, and an exterior antenna, the repeater boosts the signal level for distribution within the interior areas, reducing dropped calls and expanding the carriers’ service area. It significantly improves the performance, including both voice and data service in areas of poor signal coverage, like offices buildings, hotels, restaurants, parking lots and other locations with weak cellular signals.


Cerevo in-building repeaters  are designed for operating under any type of service including AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDen, GPRS and 3G. Both single-band and dual-band in-building repeaters with output power choices from 10-27dBm are available for more flexible applications.







•Wideband to support multiple-operators

•Both single-band and dual-band series are available

•Output power range includes: 10dBm, 15dBm, 20dBm, 24dBm and 27dBm 
•High gain, up to 75dB, which lowers requirement for input signal

•Gain is adjustable, which enables more flexible applications
•LED indicator is available for convenient observing equipment operation status 
•ALC to limit output power at specified power level and ensure stable coverage effect
•Low power consumption, Low interference
•Compact design
•Customized services are available




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