RF Outdoor Solutions


Cerevo delivers complete outdoor coverage solutions by using Cerevo RF series products. In order to help our customers reduce capital and operating expenses, and guarantee system performance, we will manage the entire projects from consulting on solution plans, understanding customers’ needs, analyzing and determining required signal strength, quality through planning for future network update.

Before we begin
Our engineers will consult and discuss with our customers to understand our customers’ needs and network construction plans.
Preliminary design and budget
After analyzing the data collected, we will determine the design criteria, like required signals strength ,quality and identify the specific needs and concerns. And also we will combine them into a design recommendation and budget for materials.
Site survey
Once our customers have approved the budget, our engineers will perform a detailed survey, including site confirmation, signals resource selection and antennas selection. They also will measure current coverage, potential signal interference, and path-loss characteristics using advanced RF measuring tools.
Final design and equipment confirmation
We will gather all the information from earlier preparation and make the final design, and then help our customers to determine the equipment that will be used, including repeaters, antennas, passive accessories and cables. We will produce a detailed proposal including system design and a list of all materials.
Equipment installation
Trained subcontractors with Cerevo’s authority will be responsible for equipment installation following our proposal. Besides this, end-users will be permitted to install equipment after trained and supervised by Cerevo’s technicians.
We will take a rigorous test to guarantee the performance and meet our customers’ expectations after installation completed. Only test passes, we can continue next step, if not, we will help our customers check and review problems until test passes.
Maintenance and after-sale services
We will provide our customers detailed training about maintenance and 24×7 telephone support to ensure system remains trouble free.