In-building Solutions


More and more technologies-GSM, CDMA, UMTS, Wifi have been placed in-building wireless data services for building owners and occupants. Unlike the demands of 2G wireless ‘voice-only’ services, the new-generation wireless service demands more data services. According to authoritative statistics, at least 70% of 3G services occur within buildings. The cellular carries have been realizing in-building solutions are more essential for more benefits.

The challenge for today’ in-building solution is not limited to provide the capacity required, seamless RF coverage from door-to-door, floor-to-floor, but also the data rate, because the broadband wireless experience is demanded higher and higher by today’s building occupants.


Cerevo offers complete enhanced in-building coverage solutions – from consulting through turnkey indoor implementations,our one-stop service includes:
Our engineers will consult and discuss with our customers to understand our customers’ needs and requirements.
Site survey
Through analyzing the buildings’ RF environments and physical structure, our engineers will determine the capacity, coverage areas, and signals strength required.
We will gather all the information from earlier preparation and make the final design, including the antennas’ locations determination, signal recourse determination, RF link budget analysis, materials needed and so forth.
Simulating test
Using RF simulating tools to take simulating tests, and predict the coverage results.
Integration and installation
Trained subcontractors with Cerevo’s authority will be responsible for installation following our proposal strictly.
We will take a rigorous test to guarantee the performance and meet our customers’ expectations after installation completed. If not, we will review problems and verify the proposal.
Maintenance and after-sale services
We will provide our customers detailed training about maintenance and 24×7 telephone support to ensure system working normally.